Greetings from the AFL Kiwi

Hey everyone! My name is Scott Campbell. I’m originally from Auckland, New Zealand. I grew up playing baseball in a country where baseball is not popular and here I am now in the Arizona Fall League competing with the best of the best.

This year for me in Double-A was a real eye-opener. I learned a lot about baseball and how to be competitive on a day-to-day basis. I learned about myself as a player and what I need to do mentally and physically to prepare myself.

I’ve had some really cool opportunities as a baseball player, from the Eastern league All-Star Game in New Hampshire to the Futures Game in Yankee Stadium. So far to date, that was the greatest baseball experience of my life.

Now at the Arizona Fall League, I’m trying to enjoy myself and get to know some of top guys in baseball. I’m looking forward to seeing Brian Matusz. He’s a friend of mine through my brother. Hopefully, I’ll get to face him, but we’ll see what happens.

It’s going to be a real learning experience. I’m going to be playing third base and shortstop, positions I’m not so familiar with, along with my usual spot at second base.

I’m not used to this heat, so I’m learning to hydrate myself. My dad always taught me that one beer after a game will hydrate you better than water. We’ll see… 


  1. joshleavitt

    Congrats on a good year at AA. Im guessing the Jays are asking you to play 3B so you could be ready to take over Rolen’s spot if he hits the DL next year. How do you think you will be able to perform as a 3b or SS?


    Good luck this fall Scott.
    Like Josh,said they might be grooming you for Rolens job,or they just might be setting you up for short if you can cut it,I for one hope you can,we need a shortstop who can hit for a high AVG.And who can clear the fences at least 30 times a season,By looking at your record in the minors I believe you can.

  3. ikiwiguy

    G’Day Scott,

    As a Kiwi living in Toronto I think it is fantastic that you are representing NZ in a huge way in MLB and I am looking forward to when you get called up to the big club so I can bring my massive NZ flag down to the dome and cheer you on.




    Hi Scott,
    Thanks for having an awesome year up here in New Hampshire. You were outstanding at second, and I feel that you will be a star no matter where they ask you to play. You have an excellent work ethic and it showed, so keep up the good work!



    Congrats on making the AFL. You mentioned how you and Brian Matusz were friends, and as an O’s fan, I was wondering if you could a brief of Brian’s personality–fierce competitor, ice-water for blood, jokester, club house leader??

    Good luck on making the Jays soon, and have fun in the off season.

    paul c.

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