Bump in the nose

Hello All,

So I thought I could tell
you about New Zealand.  The
population of New Zealand is four million and only about 700 hundred people
play baseball.  It is a very tight
community in baseball and everyone knows everyone, almost like a small town
somewhere in the United States.  I
hoping to become the first New Zealand born Major Leaguer because I think it
would really promote the game and inspire many to try and play baseball.  If you want to know more please feel free to ask.

Back to Arizona I had a pretty good week, until I good
hit in the nose with a groundball in Thursday nights game.  Gave me a pretty good bump and a nice
headache but I’ll be all right.   Had to sit out on Friday and that happened to be the game Brian Matusz pitched so he got lucky (just kidding).  A
few of my teammates and I have been working on a secret project that if completed
will be a great prank, more on that later though.  I’ve been working out really hard in the gym trying to get
back to preseason shape for next spring training.  I’m really happy to be back in Arizona after not being here
since my freshman year at Central Arizona, I love the weather at this time of
the year, its just perfect for baseball. 

Well my girlfriend is in town for the weekend so this one is
going to have to be short.  I don’t
get to see her as much as I would like.   Till next time, take her easy!


  1. cplkj

    Hello from Ontario, Scott, where I’m envying that AZ weather.When you were young, was there any baseball on television down there? Have a good winter, and I hope you get a chance to play for Toronto.

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