Guest Blogger: Zach Dials


Hey everyone this is Zach Dials with the Toronto Blue Jays.  Coming here i had no idea what to expect, i didn’t know how all of my teammates would act, how the league works, or where i would live.  So far all of my teammates have been great, after the first couple days, we opened up rather quickly and many of these guys are becoming good friends of mine.  The AFL is by far the most exciting and challenging baseball I’ve ever participated in.  So things ended up turning quite well and i don’t have a complaint in the world .  As for my living conditions I couldn’t be much happier, my house is amazing and I’m rooming with three of my teammates from the Jays(Darryl Harang, Scott Campbell, and Mike MacDonald).  

I honestly can’t believe how quickly time goes by when you are playing ball.  It seems like just the other day my teammates and I were all starting spring training and now the regular season is over and the AFL is already half way through.  As I look back at this season and evealuate myself I am proud of what I have accomplished for myself, my family, and all my friends back home.  I realized that I took quite a few large steps as far as my career is concerned.  Making it to Double-A and then being asked by the Blue Jays to represent them in the AFL which is quite an honor and I am appreciative of everything the Jays have done for me.  They are a great organization to play for and I can truly say that they honestly care about you and they will work along side you as hard as you want to work.  That being said I know there is much more i must do to improve my skills so that i can reach the major leagues and help the Jays as much as I possibly can.
My season is starting to come to a close and home is just around the corner.  I always hate the end of the season but I am looking forward to seeing my family(Jerry, Dawn, Jake, and Josh).  Another exciting thing about this off season is that I’m making quite a large move going from good ole’ Wabash, Indiana to Houston, Texas where my girlfriend Alison and her family are waiting for me.  I wish I had more time to see all of my family and friends and sometimes it’s hard but dreams are often long hard roads with much sacrifice, but as close as I am now I wouldn’t even consider looking back.
I hope everyone who reads this blog enjoyed it and try to give me a break if you could, it was my first one.  Take care and Root for those RAYS!

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