Hello everyone,

We are left with two weeks left in the AFL and my Desert Dogs are in first place, looking at a championship birth.  Hopefully this means we can when the whole thing and get that ring.  I have never been on a championship team.  I came close once with my teammate Tony Barnette  on the Central Arizona College Vaqueros.  We got destroyed to say the least at the Super Regionals on step away from the NJCAA World Series.  I have never been that close ever since.  Let me tell you if there is one thing I would like to do in baseball, thats win a ring.
My teammates are great we may be the craziest team in baseball history though.  We have some clowns on the team but it really helps keep everyone loose and when we are on the field for the most part its the best team I have ever played on.  
I have to admit, I am sure ready for the off season.  It has been a long year of baseball with some big high moments, it isn’t quite finishing the way I wanted it to.  I have been playing third base here in the afl and its been a little harder than I expected.  I have certainly made some errors but the biggest thing is every inning I get over the other side of the diamond the closer I am to becoming comfortable.  I have really not had any problems fielding the ball (apart from the one I tried using my nose on) but the difference in the throw.  It sounds like such a little thing, but when you have thrown from a second base arm slot for now 6 straight years getting my arm back over top has come with a “few” mistakes.  
Everything is going great otherwise, it been fun and a new experience.  Still, I cant wait to go back to New Zealand for Summer and of course Christmas on the beach!!!
Till next time, keep on keeping on.


  1. portobello

    Hi Scott
    Greetings from Edinburgh.I’m a big Blue Jay fan and have been reading about your baseball career with interest.I think here in Scotland we have even less baseball than you do in NZ.
    The All Blacks beat Scotland on Saturday ,boo-hoo.
    Good luck with your career and i hope to see you playing at the Rogers centre soon.


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