Hello Again

What a week.  I love it here in this beautiful town, with weather so great all the time.  I had a chance to really take it all in this week, and I would really consider moving here.

Baseball is going well.  I still feel a little off balance at the plate due to the lack of ab’s, but my swing is still their when I need it.  To answer a question someone asked me about baseball in New Zealand, we got around two games a week on TV Sunday night and Wednesday night baseball.  With the time change that was lunchtime Monday and Thursday…. lets just say that I missed a little bit of school growing up to watch baseball!!!
My dad dropped by on business so it was nice to see him even though it was only for two nights, but any time spent with him is good due to both of our crazy travel and schedules.  I can believe that we have been here 25 days already it has really flown right by.  Its less than a one to go now so I better make the most of it all.
I watched the movie “The Incredible Hulk” last night, I thought it was really good.  A lot better than the last make.  It was nice to see Lou Ferrigno in another cameo role and how awesome is Stan Lee… enough said.  I have to admit though my favorite classic movie of all time though is….. Planet Of The Apes.  Yes the one with Charlton Heston and Roddy McDoWall.  If i remember correctly Roddy was in all but one of the sequels “Escape From Planet Of The Apes” which is really something special. 
Thats all I have this week, I could talk about movies forever but I wont.  
As I say Take her easy, and catch you next week!


  1. gnorman@cogeco.ca

    Game 6 of the WS, bottom of the 9th, game tied, 2 out, runner on 2nd. Campbell steps to the dish–Lidge gets the sign, delivers. A HIT!! the ball is past a diving Utley into the gap– The Blue Jays have won the series!! Go Scott!!

  2. dt005

    Keep up the good work. Looking forward to watching you and your fellow team mate J.P. Arencibia play here in Toronto. Looks like you have a bright future ahead of you.
    I’m wondering if your still playing any 3B and SS, and how the adjustment is going?

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